Dear fellow coach enthusiasts:

I have been affiliated with the motor coach industry for 25 years. I live on 30 acres in beautiful eastern North Carolina just outside of Greenville. I have spent 22 years as a state employee but my real passion, which has turned from a hobby into a family business is my camping facility called Whispering Oaks RV Resort. We also do a few repairs in the shop we call Bradford Creek Coach ( The name is borrowed from our neighbor Bradford Creek Golf Course.
About 8 years ago, I began the brokerage of high end diesel coaches (www.DieselPushers.US). This endeavor has allowed me the opportunity to meet buyers and sellers from all over the world. I am proud to say in the years since I began, I have learned almost every aspect of every motor coach on the road today. I have also come to realize that Prevost and Newell buyers and sellers require a certain level of respect and professional assistance. Hence,
Why should you utilize for your brokerage needs? Foremost, I opt to function as a broker, not a “dealer”. Secondly, I operate my brokerage service under the premise of it being a hobby, fueled by a true passion for the motor coach lifestyle. The experience and knowledge I have acquired has been with a flashlight in one hand and either a tool or a shop manual in the other. I do not claim to know everything but I do claim customer satisfaction! Over the years I have compiled an impressive list of professional resources from around the nation ready to assist me if and when I need them.
My desire to provide quality customer service and to develop strong personal relationships stems from a history of public relations through my background as a funeral director for 29 years. By trade I am a licensed funeral director and embalmer.
I have found that the combination of my personal and professional experiences allow me to offer you a knowledgeable and trustworthy partnership for your next Prevost or Newell transaction, whether you are buying or selling.


It is my intention and desire to provide a much needed brokerage service that will allow buyers and sellers of Prevost and Newell motor coaches a platform to advertise their coaches. For buyers and sellers, I provide a website with absolutely no sales pressure that can be accessed leisurely from the comfort of your own surroundings.

The success of my business is based on the following mission statement:

Whether it is your choice to allow me to house and market your coach here at my facility or if you choose to market it yourself, I can offer my expertise and knowledge in advertising and providing information pertaining to all conversions.
My paramount goal is to either assist you in placing your coach into the hands of its new owner or help you notify every potential buyer in the world that your coach is for sale.
I am here to assist you in any way I can.

John Lee Powers


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